Influencer Marketing

Identifying the right influencers is the biggest challenge for marketers when defining influencer marketing strategies. Audiense Insights enables you to identify relevant influencers, validate and understand them and their audiences, engage them on a one-to-one and one-to-many basis, and measure the impact.


Our Approach begins by defining a target audience of consumers and then identify the relevant influencers for that specific audience.

Our customers not only value the use of increased relevancy when identifying their influencers but also the time saved when curating a list of influencers.

How we identify your influencers:



Define your target audience with our advanced audience builder through conversations, account followers, listening to conversations, or email list upload.



Automatically segment your target audience to more specific.



Automatically surface, browse and curate lists of highly relevant influencers for the overall audience and sub-segments.



Sort, filter and refine your macro, micro and conversational influencers (e.g by audience size)


Dig deeper into your findings in order to understand and analyse the influencers that are important to your brands. Go beyond the surface and track their content to assess whether they are your perfect fit.

With the ability to save time vetting and validating relevant influencers our customers have found true value in our Audiense Insights platform.


Recognize how to engage with your identified influencers across the networks that are relevant to them, in effort to reach your target audiense. Engagement could be achieved via Twitter Marketing or several other networks.

Our customers love the straightforward management of influencer lists, clear identification of channels that could drive value, and the ability to run multiple campaigns at scale.


Measuring campaign performance has always been a core factor to consider when determining the success of any campaign. We focus on real results by validating the impact of them on your target audience and analysing which influencers actually delivered results.

Audiense users have the opportunity to truly understand which influencers generated the best results, had the most impact on the initial target audience and whether this approach is worthwhile modelling future campaigns on.