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Social influence marketing has evolved from experimental to mainstream and now plays a key role in social strategies. From how to measure influence on Twitter to attracting more social media influencers, here you will find the essential information on social influence marketing.

Audiense - El TOP 10 influencers para CMOs de habla hispana - Audiense Insights

The TOP 10 influencers for CMOs

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Audiense - The TOP 10 influencers for CMOs - Audiense InsightsThe purpose of Audiense is to enable our customers to identify, understand and connect with the audiences that matter to them. We aim to provide intuitive insights into the individuals that make up those audiences.

Influencer marketing is one of our strengths where we champion the democratization of social data. How you ask? Let’s take a look at a practical example with a particularly interesting audience, the C-suite… specifically CMO’s. Read More

National Geographic Logo Social Media Interview Review Week London Case Study SMWLDN Storytelling digital marketing

#SMWLDN: How To Use National Geographic’s Storytelling Philosophy In Your Marketing

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National Geographic Logo Social Media Interview Review Week London Case Study SMWLDN Storytelling digital marketing

True brand connection is now more important than ever as we navigate the world.
Nadine Heggie, VP Global Partnerships, National Geographic Society

Good storytelling is how people will care about your brand. It connects with us on a human level that even the most cynical marketing hack is susceptible to (even if they won’t admit it). The National Geographic reaches 730 million consumers every month, and drives over 1.6 billion actions on social media. This success stems from a consistent social media strategy that illuminates some of the world’s most fascinating stories. Read More

Beat The Buzz Agency Social Media Relationship Data

#BeatTheBuzz: 9 Ways To Extract Value From Social Media

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Beat The Buzz Agency Social Media Relationship DataSocial media keeps changing and has become the perfect place to engage with customers. From a place where people catch up and share their feelings, it is now, the holy grail of marketing for brands and businesses. But… how can we approach it properly?
We got the chance to hear some tips from successful social media professionals last Tuesday at our latest #BeatTheBuzz night with WeRSM. It was simply amazing to hear how the following professionals are getting the most of it in social:

  • Tim Hughes, the best-selling author (Tim Hughes),
  • Raisa Sufian, Head of Business Development at VaynerMedia
  • Simona Pop, InstaSupply’s Head of Partnerships & Global Communication

In case you were unlucky and couldn’t make it (all spaces were taken weeks before the event), and also because we love to share wisdom, we have summarize the best moments of this exciting meeting. Keep reading to hear some tips from Tim, Raisa and Simona. You can thank us later!

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Influencers Before During After Campaign Strategy Advice Tips Twitter Social Media

Before, During & After: The Key Strategies For Effective Influencer Campaigns

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INFLUENCERS EBOOKInfluencers now represent a core pillar of marketing campaigns. For example, influencers are seen as important for 94% of fashion brands when planning a product launch. But an influencer campaign with the right Twitter strategy and relevance research can be beneficial for digital marketers in any industry. Done right, your brand will be associated with aspirational figures, reach a larger portion of your target audience, and drive a larger share of the online conversation. Read More

Retail Marketing Social Media Twitter Instagram Influencer Guide eBook Tips Help

[eBook] The Retail Marketer’s Guide To Choosing The Right Influencers

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[LANZAMIENTO] Conecta con audiencias hipersegmentadas dentro y fuera de Twitter

A study by Fashion & Beauty Monitor and Econsultancy discovered that 73% of respondents find it a challenge to find the right influencers to collaborate with. It also highlighted how 84% of them are still manually searching social media to find those influencers. A sturdier, data-backed approach will put you streets ahead of many competitors. Read More

The Social Chain Logo Banner Trending Twitter Influencer Interview Marketing

[Interview] Business From The Buzz: Social Chain Looks Beyond Trending

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The Social Chain Logo Banner Trending Twitter Influencer Interview Marketing

In 2015, Social Chain became a social media and influencer agency that the industry needed to sit up and take notice of. Their rapid growth saw them nominated in the UK Agency Awards, a social media stunt, and winning Social Agency Of The Year in The Drum Network Awards. Having gained PR attention with a large roster of well followed parody and themed accounts, a Buzzfeed feature famously reported that the agency could get something trending within half-an-hour from a standing start whenever they felt like it. This type of social muscle is impressive, but to acquire clients like Disney, Universal, and Microsoft for an influencer campaign you need to be delivering something more than a social party trick, so what else is required? Read More

Marketing en Twitter, Influencia Social

Davids Or A Goliath: Who Should Lead Your Social Influencer Campaigns?

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Micro Influencer Tips Celebrity Social Media Snapchat Twitter Instagram Facebook Digital Marketing Data How To Find Choose Pick Select Uncover Hidden Audience Brand

A creative influencer campaign with a strong execution is beneficial for both the influencer and the brand. The Journal of Consumer Research highlights how we value the opinions and actions of those we know, which will be a vital difference maker for many consumers in competitive markets. The right influencers deliver untapped audiences, connote certain qualities about the brand, and ultimately increase desirability of the product. So who do you pick for your Twitter marketing campaigns? Read More

Twitter Influencers: It’s About Who You Know

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Twitter Influencers

Nearly 60 per cent of marketers have planned to boost their influencer marketing budgets over the next eight months. Most marketers are focused on driving sales and increasing brand engagement by leveraging influential social media users. According to a study in the Journal of Consumer Research, consumers often form opinions about products and services based on the opinions of the people they know. Brands now want to capitalise on the bloggers (and vloggers) who wield high social media influence and have strong credibility with their audience.

So what benefits do they reap from this collaboration? And how can a brand find and connect with Twitter influencers? Read More

Who’s Winning The 2015 General Election On Twitter?

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elections2015 Labour Secures Over 28% Of The #GE2015 Voice And 11 Spots In The Top 20 Members Of Parliament On Twitter. Hitting the campaign trail strong, party leaders from around the UK have been building up their social media communication strategies in an effort to win over the last few fence sitters. Twitter, with its 15 million users in the UK, has played a key role in this year’s election debate with UK citizens taking to the platform to air their opinions on policies, on parties, and on their leaders.

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