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[Interview] How HaveYouHeard Successfully Launched DHL Africa’s #AfricaAsOne Rugby Campaign

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In September 2014, DHL Africa launched their #AfricaAsOne campaign to bring Rugby to the African continent, ahead of the Rugby World Cup in October 2015. To help spread the message of what they were planning on doing across 45 African nations, they enlisted bloggers and other Twitter influencers. The social campaign was run by HaveYouHeard, an influencer marketing agency based in South Africa, who used Audiense during the planning stages of their campaign on Twitter. Read More

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[Interview] How Accor Hotels’ Nailed Emoji Marketing On Twitter With Their #EmojiSearch Campaign

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According to Smart Insights, 52% of travellers say that social media influenced a change in their travel plans. In light of such data, we conducted an interview with one of the largest global hotel groups today: Accor Hotels, to find out where social media fits in with their strategy.

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Descifrando las tendencias del social marketing para 2016

Decoding 2016’s Key Social Marketing Trends

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Social Media Advertising
It’s that time of the year again when we look ahead to see what’s in store for digital and social in the next twelve months. Will 2016 continue with the trends that were mapped out in 2015? This past year saw an elevation of personalised content and in-depth audience targeting. And no doubt, data analytics had a huge role to play in social media and Twitter advertising. We decode the forecasted 2016 social trends so you make sure your brand is ahead of the curve in 2016. Read More

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Eye On The Money: How To Be Smart With Your Ad Spend

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Twitter Advertising
According to Carat’s Ad Spend report, the advertising forecast for 2016 is looking increasingly bright, especially for digital. The global media network says that digital is the only channel that warrants a double-digit growth in advertising spend, with a prediction of +14.3% for the next year. Other reports from Forrester also suggest that the end of TV advertising isn’t far, and more and more brands will look to boost their digital channels, including social media, in 2016. Read More

Personality Insights IBM Watson Social Twitter Cognitive Computing

Segmentation By Psychology: Using Twitter To Unearth Audience’s Personality Insights

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Personality Insights IBM Watson Social Twitter Cognitive Computing

In the future, every decision that mankind makes is going to be informed by a cognitive system like Watson

Ginni Rometty, Chairman & CEO, IBM

An increasing ability to predict human behaviour will be a growing expectation of digital marketers in the near future, as the possibilities for bridging the gap between digital touch points and the store become more commonplace. Read More

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The Three Big Benefits Of Advertising On Twitter

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Advertising on TwitterTwitter’s announcement earlier this year about letting advertisers promote Tweets on other websites and apps is proof that marketers are venturing strongly into the area of paid advertising on Twitter. However, if you’re a marketer who is still unsure about paid social, read on to find out more about the benefits of advertising on Twitter and how Twitter advertising can help change your brand perception and increase sales. Read More

Segmentación en Twitter Ads: ¿Son relevantes tus anuncios?

Twitter Advertising Targeting: How Relevant Are Your Ads?

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Advertising on TwitterAccording to a recent study conducted by Cowen and Company, only 3.1 per cent of Twitter users have said that ads were relevant and insightful to their interests. Six in 10 said that these placements were not quite relevant or were a poor fit. With Twitter’s Ad revenues rising by 97 per cent year on year, it’s staggering to think that only a small portion of these ads are reaching the intended audience.
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Publicidad en Twitter: Lo esencial en la presentación de informes de Twitter

Twitter Ads: The Essentials Of Twitter Reporting

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Twitter Report

Twitter Reports for Twitter Ads

Are you using Twitter Ads? You’re not the only one. In fact, Twitter’s ad revenue has soared by 97% year on year.

This increased spend means Marketers and Media Managers need more robust twitter reporting processes, not only to measure the effectiveness of ad campaigns, but to also help paint a clearer picture of the return on investment. But what are the essential capabilities that your Twitter reporting tools should contain? Here’s our list of what to look out for… Read More

6 Brands Making Their Advertising Campaigns Go Further With Social Media

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advertising social media

Advertising and social media are the marketer’s peanut butter and jelly. The recipe for a successful advertising campaign is one that considers Twitter a key ingredient in its amplification strategy, with big brands standing to grab the attention of a collective audience of over 300 million active users, 500 million unregistered unique Twitter visitors, and 700 million monthly consumers of Twitter content through third party sites. But how can brands use social media effectively to make their advertising campaigns go further? Here’s six brands, and six key takeaways, to consider when marketing using social media. Read More