2015 Social Buzz Awards: The Winners You Need To See

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What’s better than generating a buzz? Winning one! The Social Buzz Awards were held in London on Wednesday to reward the most outstanding work in social media marketing, and we’ve been gorging ourselves on the outstanding campaigns that were showcased on the nominations list. We also kept a keen eye on what was happening on Twitter, discovering who was influencing the conversation, what devices people were using, and some of the primary personality insights of people at the event. We also noticed that those Tweeting about the awards were more conscientious than the average UK Tweeter, and much more.

To give you a flavour of what was on offer and perhaps give some inspiration for future social activity, we’ve picked out some of our favourite campaigns that were awarded on the night. We’ve also spoken exclusively to some of the winners to get unique insights on their prize-winning campaigns.

Simon Peck, Group MD, Engine Group

Simon Peck, Group MD, Engine Group

Missing Type

Agency: ENGINE
Client: NHS Blood and Transplant

The winner for the Best Use of User-Generated Content award also went on to become the Grand Prix winner for the best piece of overall work. It managed to combine ideas, mass involvement, and most importantly, results. The campaign aimed to highlight missing blood types in a striking yet simple manner, and managed to convince thousands of new people to donate blood. We looked closer at this campaign back in June, click here if you want to see more.

We’re thrilled with Missing Type’s success at last night’s Social Buzz awards, and incredibly proud of the team who worked hard to bring it to life. Not least because the social element of the campaign, and the opportunities for creativity and playfulness it afforded our supporters, was instrumental in its overall success.

The idea was to create an organic, domino-effect movement where anyone – from individuals to global brands – could drop the type from user-generated content and social media profiles. As a result of the awareness the social media movement raised, over 30,000 people registered in just ten days of activity. I think that’s the greatest achievement of all

Simon Peck, Group MD, Engine Group

James Honess Kindred Agency Social Media

James Honess, Social Media Account Director, Kindred

Draw My Win

Agency: Kindred
Client: The National Lottery

The award for the largest ROI from a social media campaign or strategy went to a campaign for an organisation that knows all about delivering wins. To promote the launch of instant win games on mobile, they asked the National Lottery’s social communities where they’d like to be when they won £1m, with the best suggestions illustrated by hand in real time. This campaign managed to drive an overall ROI of 6:1.

We needed something that hit a mass audience, generated at least £100K in revenue but didn’t cost us the earth. That’s where the idea of live drawing @TNLUK follower Tweets came from. What’s a more cost effective means of communication than a pencil and paper? We were absolutely ecstatic with the results. Over 150K engagements (at around 4p per engagement) and £198K in revenue from the activity.

James Honess, Social Media Account Director, Kindred

Rich Kemp Laterooms.com Headshot Social Media Twitter Late Rooms

Rich Kemp, Head of Creative and Social Media, LateRooms.com

Magic Making Department

Agency: In-house
Client: LateRooms.Com

A winner in the Best Innovation category, LateRooms’ Magic Making Department goes the extra mile for their customers, who have frequently returned the favour. Lucky users of the site have found a personalised gift delivered to them when they arrive at the room they have booked. This lead to an army of grateful recipients publicly thanking and promoting LateRooms on social media as they arrived to find their personalised gifts. This insight into their audience meant they could deliver an appreciated, unique service that elicited genuine positive responses towards the brand and generated traffic to the site.

The Magic Making Dept. is an ongoing campaign designed to activate our customers to become our marketing army, surprising and delighting our most socially influential customers. It’s designed to bypass traditional, above-the-line marketing channels, and utilise the social environment. The Magic Making Dept. works to activate our customers to become our marketing voice, achieving the objectives of increased brand awareness, loyalty and, crucially for an online travel agent, direct traffic.

Since December 2014, this campaign has delivered an online social reach of over 2.5 million, as well as an increase in on-site spend and an increase in direct traffic to the site from 63% to 98% amongst customers involved. Dreamt up, created and delivered completely in-house, the campaign all hinges around big data and our ability to align social & traditional CRM data sets to give us a compete 360 view of the customer. We’re now able to not only tell how a customer books a hotel, and who the customer is… but also how the customer thinks, our customers’ favourite books, their hobbies, how many pet sheep they have and that character in Made in Chelsea that they’ve always had a bit of a ‘thing’ for.

In addition, we’ve grown rather fond of pointy hats, awoken to the efficiency of arriving to work by broom and acquired the technique of resorting to riddles, when asked a difficult question in meetings. Shazam!

Rich Kemp, Head of Creative and Social Media, LateRooms.com

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Magnum Pink & Black

Agency: TMW Unlimited
Client: Magnum, Unilever

Magnum had a simple question for its fans, playful pink or sophisticated black? Playing off this duality they created identities out of flavours, using custom-made Twitter cards and promoted Instagram posts to help drive allegiance to one or the other. These efforts meant that the posts were viewed over 3.9 million times across the two networks, and TMW Unlimited picked up the award for Best FMCG campaign.

We were lucky enough to work with a great brand team and all agency group, as well as the fantastic team here at TMW, so we were able to deliver some really beautiful and innovative creative digital content. (And it doesn’t hurt that consumers were just as excited as we were about the new flavours!) We worked with influencers to reach a wider audience, and to help tell the Playful Pink and Sophisticated Black story in terms of lifestyle and passion points.

Twitter was a great way for us to engage with our Savvy Seekers on the go, especially with our bespoke Playful Pink or Sophisticated Black night out quiz, complete with answers from our partners at Time Out. Our target audience responded well to the campaign, engaging with us in (many!) conversations across our social channels, tagging friends to discuss flavours and voting for how they wanted to light up Europe. So… Pink or Black?

Katie Poole, Social Media Manager, TMW Unlimited

Simon Bristow Mischief PR Social Media Southampton

Simon Bristow, Head Of Sport / Associate Director, Mischief

Show Your Stripes

Agency: Mischief PR
Client: Southampton Football Club

Southampton’s kit launch was accompanied by a hilarious campaign that took a tongue-in-cheek look at the importance of the stripes in their kit. The comedic effort led a packed field in the Best Sport/Leisure/Travel category and generated some impressive engagement rates across all channels.

We decided to play on the unique connection football fans have with the colours of the team they support. We also knew we needed something bigger to explode the idea and thought it could be quite funny to have the club employ a colour and pattern psychologist to help with the ‘transition’.

All our content was designed to create conversation and work on Twitter first, with it directing people to e.g. YouTube for the bigger pieces. Saints wanted the campaign to drive shirt sales – which we smashed with a 20% increase of sales on the club’s previous best kit launch. The video reached 121,600 impressions from its Twitter account and 261,818 Vine loops were viewed. The real success of the campaign is demonstrated in the way that Saints fans took it to their hearts, with Dr Barry receiving a standing ovation from 32,000 adoring fans at St. Mary’s on the final day of the 2014/15 season.

Simon Bristow, Head Of Sport / Associate Director, Mischief


Agency: Wieden+Kennedy
Client WWF

Capitalising on the exponentially growing popularity of emojis, and using it for a good cause with real purpose, the #EndageredEmoji campaign won the award for best use of Twitter. The 17 emojis were all of endangered animals, with WWF encouraging everyone who used them to donate 10p each time they used one them. It was fun, it had a point, and it was easy to get involved with.

It’s great to get recognition for a campaign so close to our hearts here at W+K. Not only did we combine two of our favourite things (emoji and animals) but we used them to do some good. It was a pleasure to work with the WWF team and make something so innovative. Keep your eyes peeled for more #EndangeredEmoji activity over the next few months. Oh…and please keep donating.

Jason Scott, Creative, Wieden+Kennedy

Sure’s Non-Stop Summer

Agency: TMW Unlimited
Client: Sure, Unilever

Winning in the Best Use of Promotions/Competitions category was Sure’s campaign to align itself with the exciting aspects of Summer such as festivals, music, and movement. It featured influencers, Q&As, and live Tweeting from Sure’s partner festivals. The campaign pretty much doubled Sure’s Twitter following over the Summer, and generated over a quarter of a million engagements off the back of just four promoted posts.

We were giving away tickets to festivals and knew that our target audience were mobile first and often consumed our content on a mobile device. We wanted to use the auto play functions of native videos on Twitter to add a media rich element to the competition, but the fact that there’s no audio on auto play made bringing to life the music association challenging. We flipped the situation on its head to develop a video where having no sound was an advantage and for each festival we created a short video with a mechanic that didn’t require any sound at all, a silent disco. The fact that people need to watch the whole way through the video (sometimes twice) to work out the answer, really worked to drive engagement and a 98% view duration.

We used influencers to amplify the Sure festival partnership further, engaging those who were not able to attend the festivals. Being an everyday deodorant brand, Sure is not followed by a huge number of people and people who aren’t at a festival are rarely interested in what is happening there. Our influencers reported live from the festivals asking their followers to challenge them to keep moving each day and within these challenges incorporated the Sure brand message, giving us far more reach than Sure could have achieved alone. Our target audience responded well to the campaign, with close to 100,000 video views, an organic engagement rate of 16.9% and a paid engagement rate of 25.6%.

Sophie Mindell, Senior Social Media Manager, TMW Unlimited

The full results and judges of the Social Buzz Awards are available on their website. Are there any campaigns that have caught your eye this year that you think are worthy of gilded praise? Let us know in the comments below.

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