5 ways SocialBro can help you increase the quality of your Twitter community

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Every business strives for more customers in order to increase their sales. Therefore on Twitter should businesses be aiming for more followers?… Well, in theory the more followers you have increases the potential reach of your tweets and the opportunity to convert users into customers. However, could the approach for businesses on Twitter really be that simple? For most Twitter accounts it isn’t necessarily the case, for example what if your 1000 followers have no interest in your brand or products and their only reason for following you was to get a follow back?

This is why we constantly stress the importance of targeting the right people on Twitter. Implementing an effective targeting strategy will ensure you accumulate followers who are interested in your content, who will engage with your brand/company and who will read your tweets. Building a quality Twitter community will result in users who could potentially convert to customers or promote your brand/company in the form of retweets or mentions.

The next important factor to consider is your Twitter followers vs following ratio. This equation offers users a possible insight into how influential you are. If you follow a large amount of people and have no or little followers in return your account may be judged as lacking interesting tweets and content or a spammer profile.

We’ve put our heads together at SocialBro and come up with 5 top tips on how to attract and build a high quality Twitter following and determine the right users to follow to ensure a favourable followers vs following ratio.

1) Clean up your current Twitter community


A followers to following ratio of above 1 indicates that people want to follow you, your content is interesting and you can be considered influential. To achieve a balanced ratio you need to attract a large number of followers, whilst controlling the number of people that you choose to follow from your account.

If you are following a large amount of people unnecessarily you can use SocialBro to locate users to unfollow and improve your ratio. Over time you may have followed fake profiles, spammers or users who are now inactive without realising.

There are a number of filters you can apply to your community to locate users that fall into any of these categories including:

  • Users who follow many more people than follow them (low followers to following ratio)
  • Users who have a default avatar (this is a sign of a spammer, fake or inactive profile)
  • Users who have not tweeted for a long period of time and are therefore inactive
2) Engage in strategic following
Once you have unfollowed the users mentioned above and cleaned up your community you can now engage in more strategic following. By this we mean following users who are relevant to your business and industry and who you aim to acquire as followers of your own.

To achieve a balanced ratio on Twitter you cannot follow a large number of users unnecessarily. Think of Twitter as a networking event that provides the opportunity to circulate among members anytime and anywhere. Some users may not reciprocate your follow, however, they present a quality platform for you to engage in conversations and expand your reach. SocialBro has a number of ways of helping you discover new people to follow from the whole of Twitter, your current followers, your competitor’s community, conversations and your email contacts (NEW).

  • Use the ‘Discover new Twitter users’ tool to find influential people within your industry who post valuable content and could potentially expand your reach if converted into followers of your own.
  • The filters enable you to locate users within your followers who you should be following back and engaging with.
  • Use the same filters to segment your competitor’s community and locate users to follow and potentially convert into your followers and customers.
  • Monitor keywords, URLs or hashtags to find users talking about your brand/products and use SocialBro’s various communication tools to engage with them.
  • Use the ‘Email Integration’ tool to import your email contacts into SocialBro and follow them on Twitter.


3) Use Twitter lists to monitor and engage with users before you follow them
It is often beneficial to interact with certain Twitter users, such as influential people in your industry before following them. This can increase the chance of them recognising you and the potential of a reciprocal follow.
Creating and monitoring Twitter lists are the perfect way to do this. Using SocialBro you can locate desired users from the whole of Twitter and add them to a private Twitter list with just one click. From there you can use Hootsuite or Tweetdeck to monitor the tweets that these users post and uncover opportunities to engage with them, such as answering questions they post, taking part in discussions or retweeting their content to become recognised as an expert in your field. This is also great way of attracting users to your profile or website and they may even choose to follow you first or return your future follow.
4) Improve the effectiveness of your Tweets
One of the keys to attracting your target audience on Twitter is to post relevant content that they will find interesting, varied and useful. If people like what you post they will follow you and retweet your content (further increasing your potential reach), engage with you through a reply or even favourite your tweet.
SocialBro’s Tweet Analytics tool allows you to measure and monitor the performance of each individual tweet amongst your community, by showing you how many retweets, replies and favourites each tweet receives. This information is valuable in enabling you to plan your future content strategy in order to increase the appeal with your community and entice more relevant followers.
Our ‘Best Time to Tweet’ report can also be applied to make sure you’re tweeting at the optimum times to reach the largest percentage of your community and increase the chances of expanding your potential reach.
5) Thank your community for sharing your content
Every time a follower retweets your content your potential reach expands and opens you up to the opportunity of gaining new followers and potential customers. That’s why it’s really important to engage with these users and show that you are paying attention to their interactions and that you appreciate them taking the time to share your tweets or mention you on Twitter.
Think of a retweet as a recommendation or a referral that should be acknowledged. Interacting with your community not only helps you build up loyalty and relationships with your followers, it also means they are more likely to retweet your content again in the future.

Using SocialBro there are a number of efficient and simple ways to thank your followers for sharing your content on Twitter:

  • The Mention Helper tool can be used to create a #ff tweet recommending these users to your community (this could result in you being included in a #ff tweet in return).
  • The ‘Latest Interactions’ or the ‘Tweet Analytics’ tool display all your recent tweets (you can use the calendar settings to select specific dates). From here you can directly reply/retweet or favourite the tweets.
  • You can filter within the users who have mentioned you to find some to follow and engage with.
We hope you find these tips useful! Feel free to comment with any of your own.
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