April Fooled Us – Top April Fool’s jokes on Twitter


It was April Fools yesterday… it’s ok it’s now safe to come out of hiding, the pranks have ceased. Now, we hear that the more you laugh the longer you live soooo we decided to dig up our all time favourite April Fool’s day pranks over the years and share them with you.

The origin of April Fools Day comes from… just kidding lets get to the lols.


We fell for this, not the job part but honestly how cool would it be if we could see Pokémon around the world… seriously who doesn’t want to be a Pokémon Master?


Virgin and Nest team up to offer climate controlled seating on Virgin flights. Sigh, if only this were true, flights are always too cold and we end up smothered in five flight blankets, but we bet you’re reading this thinking ‘are you joking, aeroplanes are always too hot’. It’s not the actual idea of seat climate control that’s funny, I bet we all wish we it were possible, but it’s the part where Branson demos climate stages. In ‘Cancun afternoon’ he dons a pair of ugly shades and shortly after selects ‘Chicago polar vortex’ and sits back with his blonde locks billowing in the fake wind. Well done Virgin, although we didn’t fall for this one – the smirk on Branson’s face gave it away.


Peugeot announced that they were introducing ‘personalisation’ into car horns. Calling it ‘New Audio Sonic Personalisation Programme’ which made us think it was real. Well done guys!


Taking us back in time Nokia’s tweet was less of an April Fools more of a nice touch of nostalgia for all those whose fondly remember their 3315.


American Eagle Outfitters introduced matching clothing sets for customers and their pets. As dapper as these puppies look in their new outfits the whole launch was a hoax, loads of Twitter users were tweeting throughout the day saying things like ‘love this, can’t wait to dress my pup up’.


Kings College choir found a way to combat the complex regulations of webcasting, that don’t support young males in the choir.


Last year for April Fools Twitter announced the new concept of buying vowels, even got some celebrities on board to help sell the idea.

This year their tomfoolery came in the form of new technologies and while Google glass is now an actual thing we’re not sure wearing a helmet that helps you interact with users on Twitter 24/7 is something that people desire, unless maybe you’re the CEO of Audiense because he can’t get enough of Twitter.

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One of the best fools to come out of this years line up… LinkedIn for cats, of course it’s not real but how hilarious would it be if you started getting ‘invites’ from cats around the world or suggestions on ‘cats you may know’. Love it!!!


We’re surprised Instagram didn’t think of this itself? Actually we haven’t seen an April Fools from the platform this year 🙁 BUT Bathstore blew them out of the water with this one… Mirrorgram for the times when you jump out of the shower and think ‘Dammmm… that gurl is fine – I’m going to take selfie.’


Lol, rofl, lmao, lmfao… whatever which way you type your laugh, these are all hilarious. Hats off to all the brands that got involved again this year. Below is our personal favourite, well mine because I’m a happy little vegemite from Downunder and anything that reminds me of home is welcomed, even if the thought of a vegemite drink makes me want to hurl.

*If we missed your favourite tell us about it in the comments below – we’re always up for more laughs 🙂


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