Audience Intelligence To Drive Your Social Strategy

Social Media StrategyThe importance of valuable data in today’s data-driven world has increased dramatically due to the growing availability of public data. Marketers want a 360-degree picture of their potential customers and strive to create a single customer view. Having eyes and ears everywhere online, especially social media will help you access this information to achieve a stronger, more compelling social strategy.

With 316 million monthly users who send about 500 million Tweets every day, Twitter is extremely active in the realm of social networks. Its open and public nature is ideal for uncovering the audience intelligence you need to drive your marketing strategy. See how you can take advantage of this social network and build a Twitter strategy to increase brand awareness and drive the ROI you’re looking for.

Don’t Assume. Take Action

Individual analysis of your audience is key in understanding what drives them or will drive them purchase your product or service. Don’t assume that a bride is interested in fitness. Put yourself out there to actually see what your audience is talking about. Are they mentioning your brand? Are they mentioning your competitors? Who are the most active users? What content are they likely to retweet? These are the important questions you must be asking and the answers are right there on Twitter. Assumption is dangerous. Question everything.

Drive Your Multi Channel Communication

Do you know if your customers are following you on Twitter? If you’ve got your customer’s details on your CRM system and a healthy following on Twitter, the first plan of action should be to see if these two groups contain the same people. Matching customer emails to their Twitter profiles will help you to bridge the offline and online gap and build a healthy customer centric culture, which will allow you two guaranteed touch points for your customers.

Always Stay Relevant

Use actionable twitter insights to enrich the data you’re surrounded with so you always stay relevant to your audience. This is where the enormous amount of data available from Twitter comes in handy. Not only are you able to see what your audience is tweeting about, but you’ll also have a view of the individual user tweeting it. Once you have the audience intelligence you need, you can form a strategic plan to be on top of your game. You’ll be able to plan Twitter campaigns based on the latest thoughts and actions of your audience, ensuring that you always have your eye on the ball.

Harness The Power Of Twitter

Twitter isn’t only for marketing and launching campaigns. Take advantage of the other features. It is the most open and accessible social media platform and the place where your customers are most likely talking about you, your brand or even your competitors. Take a positive spin on it and keep your ear on the ground at all times. It will not only influence the decisions you make on Twitter, but can be fed into other areas of your marketing as well.

Audience Intelligence is the biggest key to forming a successful social strategy. What are some other ways you can use Twitter to get the best insights? Tell us in the comments below.

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