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ICYMI: 11 Of The Best Insights From #SMWLDN 2016

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London skyline

Last week, the eyes of everyone who’s anyone in UK social media were focussed on the BFI as London’s annual Social Media Week took place. Some of the brightest minds in the industry gave their thoughts on what’s working, the strategies we needed to think about, and the direction of the industry. Topics such as the use of social media data across marketing departments and agency pitching drew universal agreement (as we sat there feeling smugly vindicated), whereas topics such as the role of LAD publishers sparked heated debate. Read More

National Geographic Logo Social Media Interview Review Week London Case Study SMWLDN Storytelling digital marketing

#SMWLDN: How To Use National Geographic’s Storytelling Philosophy In Your Marketing

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National Geographic Logo Social Media Interview Review Week London Case Study SMWLDN Storytelling digital marketing

True brand connection is now more important than ever as we navigate the world.
Nadine Heggie, VP Global Partnerships, National Geographic Society

Good storytelling is how people will care about your brand. It connects with us on a human level that even the most cynical marketing hack is susceptible to (even if they won’t admit it). The National Geographic reaches 730 million consumers every month, and drives over 1.6 billion actions on social media. This success stems from a consistent social media strategy that illuminates some of the world’s most fascinating stories. Read More

Beat The Buzz Agency Social Media Relationship Data

#BeatTheBuzz: 9 Ways To Extract Value From Social Media

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Beat The Buzz Agency Social Media Relationship DataSocial media keeps changing and has become the perfect place to engage with customers. From a place where people catch up and share their feelings, it is now, the holy grail of marketing for brands and businesses. But… how can we approach it properly?
We got the chance to hear some tips from successful social media professionals last Tuesday at our latest #BeatTheBuzz night with WeRSM. It was simply amazing to hear how the following professionals are getting the most of it in social:

  • Tim Hughes, the best-selling author (Tim Hughes),
  • Raisa Sufian, Head of Business Development at VaynerMedia
  • Simona Pop, InstaSupply’s Head of Partnerships & Global Communication

In case you were unlucky and couldn’t make it (all spaces were taken weeks before the event), and also because we love to share wisdom, we have summarize the best moments of this exciting meeting. Keep reading to hear some tips from Tim, Raisa and Simona. You can thank us later!

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4 Quick Tips To Start Driving Relevant Traffic On Twitter

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This is a guest post by Nikolay Stoyanov

Social networks are one of the best ways of driving traffic to your website and share important messages with an audience that’s relevant to your brand. Twitter is no different. In fact, we can say that Twitter’s open network allows you greater reassurance that the audience you are reaching is the right one for you. It also requires a little creative flair in how you communicate those messages in a brief manner. Read More

GHD cancer support

L’Oreal celebrates diversity with #YoursTruly and GHD supports breast cancer with #NotDefined

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GHD cancer supportSeptember has already started and that means the end of the holiday season… So now you’re back in the office with plenty of energy, we want to share with you our favourite campaigns of this week. Keep reading to find out how a hair brand shows their support breast cancer patients, or how a back to school picture can help Save The Children and how L’oreal want us to celebrate diversity with #Yourstruly. Welcome back and ENJOY the trends!

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Eric Cantona Kronenbourg 1664 Case study stats review goggles swim channel lebigswim ogilvy campaign

[Interview] How Eric Cantona and #LeBigSwim Created An Ocean Of 2.5 Million Engagements

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Eric Cantona Kronenbourg 1664 Case study stats review goggles swim channel lebigswim ogilvy campaign

Kronenbourg’s Bronze Lions winning campaign proved one big thing, people will get involved in your social media strategy if they care about the content. It began with an audacious claim, that Eric would swim the 20 mile wide English Channel that separates the UK and France on one condition: 10,000 British people had to declare on social media that they believed Kronenbourg to be the supreme beer. Read More

KFC sunscreen

Get The Perfect Tan With KFC And Celebrate Bank Holiday With #TryMeFree from Coca Cola

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KFC sunscreenSummer mode is still on and we can feel it in the social trends, such as the new KFC campaign that has launched a surprisingly unexpected product, or the one from Coca Cola that celebrates holidays by giving free Zero Cokes with #TryMeFree. Also, what if we tell you that Little Mix performed in a McDonald’s? Yup! Keep reading to find out more!

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Athletes Are The Stars Of The Week In Rio 2016 Olympic Games

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That’s it, here we go! The world’s biggest sporting competition has finally started and it has dominated the conversation across all social networks. Brands everywhere are sharing their support for the athletes, who are by far the stars of the show. Keep reading to find out how Nissan pranked Team GB with #DoItForUs, get inspired with #DeffyLabels from Mini and watch as Adidas put the focus back on the game with #FirstNeverFollows.

We also have what team Audiense is reading. Look out for this, and more social trends in this week’s round up!

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