How AI-enhanced audience research got an Emmy winner’s new show off the ground.

About Fred Graver

Fred Graver is a four-time Emmy winning TV writer and producer. In a career that spans 35 years, his credits include Cheers, The Jon Stewart Show, and Late Night with David Letterman. He recently spent four and a half years at Twitter as global head of TV creative.

His Challenge

Graver wanted to know if he could use that data to help solve his problems in the creation of his show. The original premise skewed to a very niche audience, so a larger audience needed to be found and understood in order to expand the appeal without altering the core premise of the show. He was also struggling to flesh out one of his lead characters.

Download the case study to learn about the technology that enabled Graver to identify and research 850,000 people in a specific niche target audience to define character traits for the lead protagonist.

Download the case study