How DHL Africa identified 65,000 influencers across Africa in the build up to the Rugby World Cup 2015.

About DHL UK & HaveYouHeard

DHL is the world market leader in the logistics and transportation industry. With a global network in over 220 countries and territories across the globe, DHL is the most international company in the world.

HaveYouHeard is South Africa’s leading word-of-mouth marketing agency, working with brands such as Adobe, BT, and Home Depot. HaveYouHeard’s unique philosophy and approach has lead to the agency attaining global standards and campaign results.

Their Challenge

As the Official Logistics Partner for Rugby World Cup 2015, DHL Africa decided to leverage the partnership in Africa, which is traditionally synonymous with soccer. In order to drive awareness of their campaign #AfricaAsOne, the team needed to find highly relevant influencers in 45 countries around the continent.

Download the case study discover how DHL achieved 1,200,750,000 impressions with #AfricaAsOne.

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