How does Twiplomacy connect directly with over 1,000 diplomatic missions and journalists, and get a 25% response rate?

About Twiplomacy

Twiplomacy is Burson-Marsteller’s thought leadership study, set up in 2012 by Matthias Lüfkens to monitor, advise, and report on the activity of world leaders, diplomatic missions, and government embassies on social media. Now in its sixth year, it produces over ten reports annually and has over 46,000 followers on Twitter alone, including many high-ranking government officials from around the globe.

Their Challenge

Twiplomacy’s target audience of diplomatic agencies and world leaders all over the globe is a particularly powerful niche that is hard to effectively reach. Twiplomacy also needed a way to bypass the “noise” of traditional PR communications, as journalists covering these areas of government or tech receive a mountain of pitches for stories every single day. They needed a solution to identify these audiences, organise them, and engage them organically…

Download the case study to see how Twiplomacy became the premier voice in international diplomacy on social media.

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