DHL #AfricaAsOne

How HaveYouHeard and DHL Africa found over 65,000 Twitter influencers in 45 African countries in the build up to the Rugby World Cup 2015.


Find highly relevant Twitter influencers in 45 African countries to socially support the journey of passing a single ball through the African continent to London, UK in time for the Rugby World Cup 2015.


HaveYouHeard used the in-depth filtering and targeting capabilities within the Audiense platform to uncover relevant influencers to collaborate with for DHL’s #AfricaAsOne campaign.


  • The campaign hashtag #AfricaAsOne had secured a reach of 1,200,750,000, with an advertising value equivalent of £12,112,867.

About DHL

DHL is the global market leader in the logistics and transportation industry and “The logistics company for the world”. DHL commits its expertise in international express, national and international parcel delivery, air and ocean freight, road and rail transportation as well as contract and e-commerce related solutions along the entire supply chain. It has presence in over 220 countries in the world and 45 countries in Africa.

About HaveYouHeard

HaveYouHeard are South Africa’s leading word of mouth marketing agency, specialising in influencer seeding, advocate campaigns, customer service and brand experience, among others.

Their Challenge

In the run up to Rugby World Cup 2015 in England, DHL Africa embarked on a grand and ambitious journey to introduce the game of Rugby to the African continent. This feat was undertaken by a team that was sponsored by DHL Africa, and involved passing a single Rugby ball across 45 countries in Africa ending in London, UK just before the world cup commenced in September 2015.

The #AfricaAsOne campaign was driven by social media involving influencers in several fields such as culture, art, food, sports, among others to spread the message of this grand journey. To make this campaign a success, and ensure that the seven-member strong team had an incredible experience on the way to London, UK through the landscape of Africa, HaveYouHeard had to develop a full-fledged plan to find influencers DHL Africa could engage with to create the buzz needed around the #AfricaAsOne campaign.

To help DHL Africa find the right influencers who could engage their audience, HaveYouHeard required a solution that would empower them to conduct in-depth filtering and targeting to reach the required audience.

Their Solution

Using Audiense’s in-depth filtering capabilities, HaveYouHeard found Twitter influencers and bloggers from 45 African countries and used the power of Direct Message campaigns to connect with these influencers. The agency’s use of Audiense was deliberate and precise. In-depth geo targeting, and numerous filters like follower/following ratio, influence and Tweets per day helped them glean better insights into the influencers and bloggers they later enlisted to help share this journey to a global audience. In creating Direct Message campaigns, HaveYouHeard established and cemented DHL Africa’s relationship with the Twitter influencers they needed for the campaign.

Their Results

  • HaveYouHeard found 66,099 unique influencers solely on Twitter.
  • The campaign hashtag #AfricaAsOne had secured a reach of 1,200,750,000, with an advertising value equivalent of £121,128,67.
  • Improved engagement with their Twitter community, achieving over 330,000 Retweets.

Keys To Their Success

  • Ability to both create and action lists of highly customised groups of Twitter users.
  • In-depth filtering and segmentation of Twitter users by keywords in their bio, combined with other variables
  • Audience targeting and creation of Direct Message campaigns to establish a strong connection with influencers and bloggers.

“We needed a way to share Africa with the rest of the world, to identify and interact with key influencers and leverage their communities. Audiense made all that possible, we were able to optimise our audience engagement to scale. Without Audiense, we wouldn’t have been able to create such a large presence for DHL on the social space.”

Kaybee Ntloana, Account Manager, HaveYouHeard

“We were able to help share DHL’s love of Africa, rugby and CSR projects with the use of Audiense. The tool helped us identify top influencers in both Africa, and the world, making it easier for us to gain leverage on the twittersphere.”

Britt Adami, Social Media Manager, HaveYouHeard