The Smart Marketer’s Guide To Choosing The Right Influencers.

A 19-page clear, concise guide to a starting a data-backed influencer campaign.

With 84% of influencer research still done manually, 73% of marketers still find that the greatest challenge of their influencer campaign is finding the right one. A data-backed approach to influencers will immediately provide strategic advantage.

This eBook will provide you with:

  • Strategies to consider before you start your influencer campaign.
  • Innovative actions to uncover the best influencers of any size.
  • How audience affinities can be used to deliver invaluable insights.
  • Exclusive insights and use cases from leading brands and agencies such as PUMA, River Island, and DigitasLBi.
  • A sneak look at upcoming technology that will accurately inform decisions.
  • Specific steps to ensure the influencers are relevant to your brand.

Download the eBook to find the perfect influencers and let them speak up for you.

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