You worked hard to get those customers, so now you want to hold on to them! It’s estimated that it costs around 7 times as much to find a new customer than retain one you’ve already won, so existing customers deserve lots of your time and energy to keep them happy and loyal.

Twitter is an ideal communications vehicle to give them the attention they deserve and SocialBro’s clever suite of tools and reports are on hand to make sure they feel the love.


Use list management tools to keep an eye on the different types of customers you have and analyze their behaviors. Provide exclusive discounts, content and offers to engaged (or maybe less engaged?) users via personalized DM campaigns. Analyze the users you’re attracting with your content, are they the right audience, and more importantly are they remaining a part of your community?


Use the follower retention and churn reports to determine what campaigns are acquiring and losing followers. Target influencers or previous customers that have unfollowed your account and bring them back into the fold. Improve your customer retention metrics and you also improve your source of referrals to new customers. Pretty powerful stuff!