Best Time to Tweet

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Use SocialBro’s Best Time To Tweet tool to discover a personalized best time to post content on Twitter, based on data about a Twitter community. With Best Time To Tweet it is possible to generate custom reports based on a select number of followers, which varies depending on plan. 

Best Time To Tweet can provide unique insight into Twitter communities, with information such as:

  • Online followers by hour.
  • Online followers by day of the week.
  • Potential Tweet exposure by hour and day of the week.
  • Tag Clouds showing community interests.

A Best Time To Tweet report provides a customized posting schedule based on the top Twitter users in a defined community. Use the information from the report to optimize your Tweeting times for maximum community engagement. Additionally, the report can be exported to PDF, or used in conjunction with Hootsuite or Buffer to automatically optimize the Tweeting schedule.

Use the information from the Best Time To Tweet report in your targeting strategy and tailor your Tweeting for a customized audience. For example, if a business wanted to get more attention in the US, discover the Best Time To Tweet for a segment of US Twitter users and post at the times  to increase the likelihood of content being seen.

Additionally, the different Tag Clouds generated in the report provide detailed insight into a community’s interests, use this data to ensure that Tweet content is relevant and interesting for the defined segment of Twitter users. The different Tag Clouds provide information about what links a community is sharing, and what topics are discussed, and the hashtags that occur most frequently. Use this information to create and share content that appeals directly to the community, at the optimal time.

To ensure the Best Time To Tweet report is as accurate as possible, it should be generated weekly. To learn more about how to use Best Time To Tweet, head over the the user guide.

Find out more about creating a Best Time To Tweet report for a custom sample of an audience here.
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