#HiutMusic Drive Twitter Engagement, Oreo Trick Shots & #EdBallsDay


Image courtesy of Hiut Denim Co.

Innovation is the name of the game this week on social media, with denim company Hiut using Twitter to engage fans worldwide with their staff, Oreo congratulating a dedicated Oreo trickster, and comic aficionados Marvel bringing their characters to life on Twitter. Pump up your favourite jam – maybe even Tweet it to #HiutMusic – and take a break to find out how brands used social media this week.
#HiutMusic Drive Twitter Engagement

Welsh brand Hiut Denim Co. are taking engagement with their fans to a whole new level, by inviting Twitter users to be a part of the company’s daily life through music. Teaming up with creative tech agency Knit, Hiut have created a dedicated @HiutMusic Twitter account and website to support their #HiutMusic campaign. Twitter fans far and wide can request tracks to be played in the Welsh factory automatically using the #HiutMusic hashtag, and tracks can be favourited and added to the master #HiutMusic playlist by the ‘grandmasters’ of the brand. The Hiut music box illuminates in one of four colours when a new track starts playing, with warmer colours displaying depending on how far away the Tweeter is.

Oreo UGC Trick Shots

User-generated content (UGC) is the holy grail of content for marketers the world over. Who doesn’t want organic content created by their consumers to show off to the world? This trick shot video created by Peter Bamforth features Oreo cookies, a glass of milk, and an awful lot of dunkin’ in truly creative ways.

So far the video has gathered nearly half a million views on YouTube, and has even led to some brand banter, as Oreo applauded Bamforth and shared their own trick shot from back in 2013.

#EdBallsDay Celebrations

April 28th was a truly special day for Twitter users in the UK, as everyone came together to celebrate the fourth annual #EdBallsDay. On this momentous day in 2011, UK Labour politician Ed Balls took to Twitter to send his first ever Tweet… and accidentally mistook his Tweet box for the search bar.

Here’s a few of our favourite Tweets highlighting how brands and Tweeters alike celebrated the day.




How did Twitter, the marvellous platform where #EdBallsDay began, choose to mark the occasion?

Marvel Utilise Social Media To Promote Upcoming Films

Comic book publisher and film producer Marvel are ramping up their efforts to promote their upcoming films through the use of Twitter accounts, personifying the characters, and bringing classic comic book personalities from the Marvel Universe to life online. In the last few years, accounts have been created for Iron Man, Thor, and more. The accounts give fans a chance to connect with the characters and the content in between film productions, as well as staying connected with the Marvel Universe through Twitter channels. We’re looking forward to seeing what these accounts do next.

This Week’s News In A Nutshell

Need a quick bite of news? Look no further.

  • Aldi, Lidl, M&S, and Amazon have topped the charts being crowned the most ‘meaningful’ brands for consumers in a study of 1,000 brands. The study, conducted by Havas, identified these retailers using the Meaningful Brands metric, which measures how consumers’ quality of life and wellbeing connects with brands on both a personal and business level. It’s not just about the softer metrics either. For brands that ranked highly on the list, consumer spend was on average 46% higher.
  • Community-based traffic and navigation app Waze are utilising Twitter to get traffic information out there faster, with plans to start Tweeting travel alerts in selected cities across the globe. Waze plan to make their data public by Tweeting ‘unusual’ traffic information to help Tweeters get around faster.
  • Twitter have grabbed a slice of the food talk on social media with the launch of @TwitterFood, a dedicated brand handle aimed at foodies. The Twitter Food account will sift through hundreds of thousands of food-related Tweets, to cook up a curated selection of hand-picked foodie Tweets from experts in the industry, such as Martha Stewart, as well as the tastiest Tweets from the general public.


Seen any other brands on social media that grabbed your attention this week? Let us know in the comments.

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