New Features: Export HootSuite Schedule From SocialBro & Get the Best Time Tweet From a Custom Sample of Users

By March 6, 2012 73 Comments

Do you use HootSuite to batch schedule your tweets? If so, you’ll love this release. We’re happy to provide a new round of features for your SocialBro dashboard. The most important one is that now you can export your optimal tweet schedule from SocialBro to HootSuite in order to expose your tweets to the maximum audience!

“The method of message scheduling is especially powerful for agencies and marketing departments managing complex campaigns”, emphasized HootSuite on its blog when they released this feature. Now, you, as a HootSuite fan, have another reason to use it: your message will be delivered when you have most followers online.

As you do when you batch schedule your tweets with HootSuite, you have to pre-create a batch of up to 50 updates in a text file or spreadsheet. You can also write the tweets directly in SocialBro, but we recommend you still do this in an appropriate text editor. In this file, include the text and the link. Here is the big difference if you do this through SocialBro: you don’t need to include the delivery times because SocialBro caculates them for you! From our “Best time to tweet” report, we’ve implemented an algorithm that optimally schedules the tweets in HootSuite more efficiently, so reaching the highest number of followers. You just have to select the days of the week you want to tweet, how many tweets per day and the minimum interval between each tweet, and paste the tweets previously created.
We’ve prepared a tutorial on this new feature to show you how to do this step by step. So, have a look at this post on our user guide to understand this new function.
From a Custom Sample of Users Get the Best Time Tweet
Another new feature, requested by many of you, is the possibility of applying the “Best Time to Tweet” to a custom sample of users. Now, you can get the report for any search, list, 3rd party Twitter account, etc. We’re pleased to offer you a different way to take advantage of the “Best Time Tweet” report, one of our highlight features.
Have a look at our user guide to see how to get the “Best Time to Tweet” for a custom sample of users.

“Add All to List” with one click

Now you can add multiple users to a list with one click! From any search, just click on the arrow on the bottom navigation bar, then click “Add all to list”. All the users will be added to the list. Remember that Twitter allows 20 lists per user with 500 users in each list.
On our user guide, you can see how to do this.

Two New Filters for the Advanced Syntax
If you’re a SocialBro power user, we’re sure you have tried the Advanced Syntax at least once to refine your searches using different criteria. If you haven’t, we recommend you read this post to dig deeper into this fantastic feature.
In this new version, we’ve added two filters: by language and by time zone. There is nothing new if you search for only one language, because there is already a filter for this. However if you want to combine different languages in a search this new possibility is awesome.
Would you like to know which of your followers have configured in English and in Spanish? In the search box, in the top navigation bar, write “lang:en + lang:es”. For the languages, you must use the “ISO 2 Letter Language Codes”: ‘es’:’Spanish’,’de’:’German’,’ja’:’Japanese’,’ko’:’Korean’,’tr’:’Turkish’,’pt’:’Portuguese’,
To search by different time zones, use the same rule: “timezone:madrid + timezone:london”.
>> The app will update during the following 24 hours, but if you don’t want to wait see how to update SocialBro manually if you use SocialBro for Chrome. If you use the Adobe Air version, you can update it manually through this link.
Remember to visit our feedback page to suggest new features and to browse our user guide for how-to articles and other tips. Also follow @SocialBro for handy tips and quick answers via Twitter. We’re thrilled to help you with any queries you may have!