Pepsi Is Going Futuristic, Avon Is Being Sneaky And Domestos Has Got A Message For Us

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Social media has been a gift that keeps on giving this week. With Pepsi’s new limited edition bottles to celebrate Back To The Future, Domestos joining hands with UNICEF and WaterAid for better sanitation around the world and Avon asking everyone to #MakeUpYourMind, we are in for a treat! Plus, we’ve got some more of this week’s Twitter trends. Have a read!

#PepsiPerfect’s Future Is Now

Pepsi got the entire Twittersphere reeling with their latest campaign. To mark 30 years of Back To The Future, the soft drinks brand has released a limited edition bottle set to go on sale on October 21, 2015, the exact same date the characters of the movie travelled forward in time. While a total of 1,500 bottles were made available the New York Comic Con this week, Pepsi have urged their fans to follow its social media channels to find out where they can buy a #PepsiPerfect bottle.



The ad that launched the limited edition #PepsiPerfect

The bottles are only available in the US and cost $20. Surely a campaign to remember!

Domestos’s Aims To Complete #Goal6

UN launched #GlobalGoals in mid-September, a series of 17 ambitious targets to make the world a better place. The goals range from fighting extreme poverty, to fixing climate change and ending inequality. In a bid to achieve #Goal6 – clean water and sanitation, DomestosUK has joined hands with UNICEF and WaterAid to lead the charge on Twitter.


Using social media to promote the goal, the cleaning brand installed a ‘loo with a view’ at the #GlobalCitizenFestival.

As long as it’s for a good cause!
We’ll bring you some other #GlobalGoals next week.

Avon’s #MakeUpYourMind

Avon decided to be bold and risky this week when they sent beauty bloggers a make up package without revealing their brand name. Putting their own make up to the ultimate test and using the hashtag #MakeUpYourMind, the risk certainly paid off.
Watch the bloggers using the make up here:



Influencer marketing done just right!

And In Other News –

– Who would have thought that B2B brands could also shine on social media? The leading B2B brands like Cisco, Oracle, Intel and others have shown that they’re a force to be reckoned with on social media, and aren’t going to be left behind on a medium that is largely seen as the B2C playground. Check out their campaigns here.
Twitter recently announced a new offering for Twitter Amplify. This will allow publishers and content creators to monetise their video content on Twitter, giving them opportunities to reach bigger audiences. More video moments, and better amplification! Read about it here.

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