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Quick replies and welcome messages bring personalised communication opportunities for all

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It’s commonplace these days for individuals to instigate a conversation with a company viaTwitter. Often, it seems to be a customer service question: an initial, public approach from a customer that usually switches to Direct Message immediately after the ‘one tweet each’: “@company I’ve got a problem with…”, “Sorry to hear that, @customer, will you DM me the details…?”. Read More

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Leicester City: A Tale Of Success, Social Media Affinity, And Crisps

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Leicester City Football Club Logo Social Media Twitter Data Results Strategy Case Study Followers Audience Sponsorships Marketing

At about 10pm on the evening of Monday 2nd May 2016, the most shocking thing in Premier League history happened, as the 5000-1 outsiders Leicester City confirmed their place as Premier League champions. It’s a fairytale story for the club, but the marketers who invested in them before the start of the season are also reaping the rewards. What can the social media data tell us about those who have followed the club this season? Read More

Conoce nuestra Plataforma Integrada de Audiencias y descubre si debería ser tu elección para social intelligence

Why You Need Audiense Enterprise For Customer Intelligence

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In a time where the importance of audience understanding grows exponentially, marketers are blind without social data. MIT researchers discovered that companies with strong leaders who promoted innovative technology were 26% more profitable than their industry peers, with 9% higher revenue. Investigative research into your social media audience, combined with a proactive strategy to act on your analysis will deliver similar results for you. Read More

Twitter Trends

Nescafé Original Sends Gifts While #SaintsFC Sends Real-Time Match Updates Via Twitter

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Twitter Trends
What’s better than sending gifts, getting real-time score alerts in your Twitter inbox and an opportunity to have a quick look into the newest video game? That’s your Friday made! This week, we have Nescafé sending gifts to whoever you want, Southampton FC teaming up with Twitter UK and Xbox UK promoting the brand new Quantum Break in one of the best ways possible. Plus, more Twitter trends to take note of. Read More

making a murderer

TV Analysis of Netflix’ Hit Show Making A Murderer

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making a murderer
Twitter recently discovered that 70% of Twitter users share Tweets about TV shows they’re watching and 11% say they cannot watch TV without Twitter. So it came as small wonder when Netflix’ Making A Murderer took Twitter by storm earlier this year. Conversations around TV shows on Twitter can be a goldmine for marketing teams in the TV industry. They not only get the whole landscape of conversation but also get an idea about media consumption patterns. Read More