A portfolio for audience insights and engagement

Audiense Connection Platform

For larger organisations and businesses: the Audiense Connection Platform delivers unique consumer insight and engagement capabilities. Well-defined solutions help to grow customer and audience bases by finding, identifying, understanding and connecting with individuals and audience segments. The Audiense Connection Platform comprises three elements.

Audiense Architect

Build audiences from the highly informative data contained in Twitter profiles, relationships and conversations.

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Audiense Insight

Cognitive computing-enhanced consumer insights to power your insight-driven organisation.

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Audiense Connect

Design and execute engagement in-platform, including Twitter DM-based Conversational Experiences

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Audiense Community Manager

For smaller businesses: Audiense Community Manager expands your social reach by understanding your community and engaging people beyond your followers.

  • Community Analytics & Management
  • Campaign Management (including Ads)
  • Listening

From these sources of intelligence:

  • Whole of Twitter & Instagram
  • Conversations
  • Match email addresses to social profiles

and with team management capabilities.
From $31 a month (billed annually)

and with team management capabilities.
From $31 a month (billed annually)