A portfolio for audience insights and engagement

Audiense Insigths

Audiense Insights

The relationship between consumers and brands has changed forever. Audiense Insights enables brands to create a 360-degree view of their target consumer to ensure they stay ahead of consumer needs. Audiense enriches a panel of over 1 billion people with our advanced cognitive data science platform so that you can build deep, one-to-one relationships with your audience.

Audiense Insight Reports

Audiense Intelligence Reports

Audiense Intelligence Reports allow brands to understand audiences and identify opportunities to execute highly targeted strategies to increase consumer advantage. Harness the power of the world’s largest consumer panel to gain an extra layer of intelligence on the people that matter to your business. Our Intelligence Reports will give you feedback on past executions and help you plan future marketing activities.

Audiense Connect

It’s crucial for marketers to deliver relevant messages in the right context if they are expecting to get meaningful engagement. Audiense Connect helps brands to boost their audience engagement, increase consumer mind share and raise brand awareness.

Audiense CMT

Audiense Community Manager

In a world where traditional demographic data doesn’t tell the whole truth about your audience, Audiense Community Manager helps you identify, understand and engage your community. Expand your social reach with content that engages people outside of your tribe, and deliver messages when your community is most active.