Audiense Connect – Advanced Subscription Experiences

Instant, personalised, automated, conversational experiences

Every organisation aspires to higher levels of engagement with its customers. And engagement, even between friends, doesn’t get much better than a mutually-valued conversation.

Audiense Experiences overcomes the limitations of low-engagement alternatives such as emails, by enabling you to start and maintain conversations with your customers or subscribers on their terms: on an individual basis, at scale – and easily deployed by any organisation with content to share.

Audiense Experiences allows every individual to choose the type of content they want to receive, and when they want to receive it. The resulting conversational experiences are better experiences because they meet each person’s expectations of what interaction with your company should be like.

For you, Audiense Experiences yields data and insight into the only people that truly matter to your business – your customers – providing the basis for better relationships, either with them or with partners that rely on them such as advertisers.

Data from Audiense Insights also indicates which parts of your customer offer are most appreciated by consumers, helping to inform future business decisions. “Conversational Systems” and “Artificial Intelligence & Advanced Machine Learning” are among Gartner’s top 10 trends that will shape the future of the intelligent digital mesh.

Organisations using Audiense Experiences

Audiense Experiences is ideal for…

Any organisation that:

  • publishes a wide range of content which customers prefer to be able to filter

  • currently already engages in email communications with its customers and

  • wants to increase the rate of engagement with those communications wants to personalize and facilitate a purchase process

How it works

Audiense Experiences engages subscribers/customers via the mutually convenient medium of Twitter, using Twitter’s welcome message and quick reply functionality (announced in October 2016) and deals with the ‘subscription process’ for consumers using Twitter names.

Appropriate content is delivered precisely (including subject matter, frequency and timing) according to the user’s individual selections, which are updated/amended via direct messages interactions. Conversations are associated with an authenticated Twitter account and can be activated/deactivated at any time.