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OUR TOP BLOG POSTS: The best of 2017!

OUR TOP BLOG POSTS: The best of 2017!

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OUR TOP BLOG POSTS: The best of 2017!With 2017 coming to an end it was only natural to take a look at the journey we have shared with you all and end this year with the ULTIMATE ROUNDUP!

Audience and consumer insights has remained a trending topic this year, and we are sure they will continue to be a fundamental part of marketing strategies for 2018.

Take a look at the TOP blog posts that have proven to be a HIT among our readers and their communities. Read More

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You talk, we listen: Welcome to the world of accessible insights

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Audiense - Blog Banner - You Talk We Listen - Product Updates - NewsWith the recent success of Audiense Insights (Enterprise) and client feedback on budgetary constraints, we have been working towards bringing to life the most attainable version of the Audiense Insights product.

In an effort to provide deeper and richer consumer insights to businesses of all sizes whilst fulfilling our vision to democratise data and insights we are delighted to announce the release of our accessible and affordable Audiense Insights PRO plan! Read More

Usando Social Data de forma disruptiva en Recursos Humanos

The Adecco Group & Audiense: Using Twitter marketing to create waves in HR

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The Adecco Group & Audiense Experiences: Using Twitter marketing to create waves in HRA few weeks ago we organized a webinar #BotsInAction with Twitter Spain and a few major industry players, focusing on the state of chatbots today. It was evident from our discussion that the use of bots was by no means limited to a specific sector. In fact, the application of bots came with endless possibilities!

Adecco Spain (an innovative Twitter marketing customer) hit the ground running as they used Audiense Experiences to launch a subscription based career focused system through the use of direct messages on Twitter. Moving forward users of @Adecco_es or @SpringSpain, two of The Addeco Group’s accounts, will be able to navigate, manage and personalise their experiences. Read More

Presentamos Audiense Insights, la plataforma definitiva para las organizaciones orientadas por insights

Introducing Audiense Insights, the definitive platform for insights-driven organisations

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Introducing Audiense Insights, the definitive platform for insights-driven organisationsWe all know that making strategic decisions and defining tactical plans without a deep understanding of our target market and audiences is recipe for failure. The problem is that consumer and market research, and insights analysis, have historically been very expensive and time consuming projects. When you combine that with a market that is evolving at an increasingly rapid rate, the result is uninformed decision-making, loss of competitive advantage, leading to potentially massive economic losses. Read More

Multimedia direct messages at scale, for a world of richer experiences

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Social Media multimedia DM Twitter Video Direct Message Send To Many

Twitter research shows that tweets with videos enjoy more engagement than GIFs and photos, and that video adverts are almost twice as memorable on Twitter than other platforms.* With video clearly such an effective engagement mechanism, we’re pleased to announce that, from today, our enterprise clients can also execute multimedia direct message campaigns, at scale, on the Audiense Connection Platform. Read More

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Internet entrepreneur and tech investor Mel Morris invests £3.8m in Audiense

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Audiense Logo Social Media Marketing Tech Company Investment Twitter Data Partner

We’re delighted to announce that Europe’s most successful technology investor, Mr Mel Morris, has invested £3.8m in Audiense.

Mel Morris Invests Audiense tech news investment social media data marketing industry

Mel Morris

Mel Morris is a highly experienced and successful internet/tech investor, philanthropist, and he is also the owner of Derby County Football Club. His investments include Audiense, Adthena (competitive intelligence for search marketers), BriefYourMarket (SaaS automated customer marketing and communication services) and Entotem (multimedia home entertainment technology). Read More

Conoce nuestra Plataforma Integrada de Audiencias y descubre si debería ser tu elección para social intelligence

Why You Need Audiense Enterprise For Customer Intelligence

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In a time where the importance of audience understanding grows exponentially, marketers are blind without social data. MIT researchers discovered that companies with strong leaders who promoted innovative technology were 26% more profitable than their industry peers, with 9% higher revenue. Investigative research into your social media audience, combined with a proactive strategy to act on your analysis will deliver similar results for you. Read More