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CMO Series Advice Twitter Digital Marketing

CMO Series: Why The CMO Controls The Customer Connection In The Digital Era

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CMO Series Advice Twitter Digital Marketing

In a worldwide survey of CEOs, IBM found that an increasing number were turning to their CMOs for strategic input. The digital era will be a customer-centric one, and the CMO will be in a crucial position as marketing takes a bigger role in retaining customers, generating revenue, and managing brand perception while doing so. The increasing amounts of data about customers and prospects entrusted to the marketing team in the digital era puts them in a strong position when it comes to understanding how the business is performing. As businesses and consumers embrace technology, here’s why we think the CMO’s role in connecting customers to the brand is even more pivotal than ever before. Read More

Por qué estas marcas lo hacen bien en Periscope

Why These Brands Are Getting Periscope Right

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Video is trending. Cisco reported that consumer internet video traffic will take up 80 per cent of all internet traffic in 2019, up from 64 per cent in 2014. Ever since the Twitter news broke about the live-streaming app, marketing professionals had a key question on their lips: How can we make use of Periscope to increase brand awareness and build brand loyalty?

Periscope added a million new users in the app’s first 10 days on the market after launching on March 26th. Now, just three months into its release,a number of brands have emerged as early adopters. Read More

The Professionals Speak: Audiense’s Social Media Spotlight Interview Series

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social media twitter case study interview brands

We’re not just interested in sharing thoughts and marketing tips from our own experience, we want you to learn from the digital marketers working every day at some of the biggest brands and organisations on the planet. Understanding how they faced their social challenges, curated their Twitter successes, used tools to gain vital insights, learned from the past and look to the future should serve as inspirational insights to help marketers of all levels. Read More

WWF Tweet #EndangeredEmoji, Brands Celebrate #MothersDay & Sunset On Mars

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Image courtesy of WWF.

Brands got creative on social media this week, with innovative Twitter campaigns focusing on consumer behaviour and what they want most. WWF tapped into a cultural trend by making emojis charitable, Tesco used a Twitter campaign to crowdsource ideas and votes for a delicious new product, and a little town in Spain used Twitter to fight crime. Read More

6 Brands Making Their Advertising Campaigns Go Further With Social Media

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advertising social media

Advertising and social media are the marketer’s peanut butter and jelly. The recipe for a successful advertising campaign is one that considers Twitter a key ingredient in its amplification strategy, with big brands standing to grab the attention of a collective audience of over 300 million active users, 500 million unregistered unique Twitter visitors, and 700 million monthly consumers of Twitter content through third party sites. But how can brands use social media effectively to make their advertising campaigns go further? Here’s six brands, and six key takeaways, to consider when marketing using social media. Read More

Snickers Sticker NYC With #HungryMistakes, #MayThe4thBeWithYou & Tweet For London Pride

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Social Media Marketing - Snickers campaign

This week in digital marketing we’ve seen brands fix their focus on connecting their offline marketing efforts with online. We’ve got Snickers stickering NYC with a hilarious guerilla marketing campaign, a British brewery giving away free London Pride, and brands around the world getting in touch with their dark side to celebrate #MayThe4th. With babies, beer, and extreme sports – this week’s round-up is too tasty to miss. Read More

#HiutMusic Drive Twitter Engagement, Oreo Trick Shots & #EdBallsDay

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HiutDenim Innovation is the name of the game this week on social media, with denim company Hiut using Twitter to engage fans worldwide with their staff, Oreo congratulating a dedicated Oreo trickster, and comic aficionados Marvel bringing their characters to life on Twitter. Pump up your favourite jam – maybe even Tweet it to #HiutMusic – and take a break to find out how brands used social media this week.

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Brands Celebrate #HappyBirthdayYourMajesty, #Milifandom Sweeps Twitter & Google Search For Nessie

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queen Things were getting strange and magical online this week, with UK politician Ed Miliband attracting his very own #Milifandom set to rival the Directioners, brands celebrating the unofficial birthday of Queen Elizabeth II, and Google joining the hunt for the Loch Ness monster. Stop right now, thank you very much, and dive in to this week’s round-up.

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Dove Want You To #ChooseBeautiful, Samsung’s Twitter Treasure Hunt & #CatchDrogon

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choosebeautiful This week on social media, brands were all about innovation. Fresh thinking that gets their target audience engaging in whole new ways. We’ve highlighted Dove, Samsung, and HBO for their creative campaigns that got people interacting offline and sharing online. Let’s take a look at the best of brands shaking up their marketing strategies.

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