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Are you getting actionable insight from your Twitter data? Learn how to analyse Twitter data and use the insight to drive campaign performance and improve marketing strategies.

Social Data

Why Social Data Is The Way Forward To Win New Business Pitch And Retain Customers

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Social Data

Marketers all over are harnessing the power of data to derive meaningful insights, and rightly so. But how much of those insights are from social data? “Social media” might be just one factor in the world of marketing – both digital and offline – but it’s a powerhouse of information waiting to be decoded, analysed and used in a manner that will bring unparalleled results. Read More

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The 5 Pillars Of Your Social Data Framework For An Olympic Strategy

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Social Media Olympics Games Data Marketing Analytics Stats Tech Strategy Olympic Logo Rings Hoops

This August, 28 sports will be included in the Rio Olympic Games and fans from all over the world will be enjoying the second screen experience to be part of the party. The 2012 Olympic Games in London generated over 150 million Tweets during its 16 days, with nine different athletes receiving over a million Tweets, including Usain Bolt, whose 200m victory sparked over 80,000 Tweets a minute. Twitter’s active user based has doubled since then and approximately 800 million extra people are now on social networks, so we can expect even more social media data to analyse and act upon this year. Read More

Datos de Twitter: los beneficios a largo plazo que debes aprovechar

Twitter Data: The Long Term Benefits You Need To Be Unlocking

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Twitter Data: The Long Term Benefits You Need To Be Unlocking

A survey by Gartner has shown that the most successful digital marketers spend six times more on resources to help understand their data (such as tools and people) than those who don’t. Reacting to this trend, CMOs are set to increase spending on social media analytics by 440% between 2014 and 2019. But what can you do with the data that you extract? Read More

Sainsburys Tesco Marks Spencer John Lewis Christmas Ads Campaigns Analysis Results ROI Audience

[Analysis] The Retail Christmas Campaign Showdown: A Sneak Peek

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Sainsburys Tesco Marks Spencer John Lewis Christmas Ads Campaigns Analysis Results ROI Audience

With Christmas trees up all over the country, top campaigns of major retailers are well underway and have once again dominated conversation when they were unveiled. But these campaigns don’t just provide the brands with festive customers, they also have the potential to provide a vast amount of Twitter data on their audience which can be used for future campaign actions, audience research, and competitor comparisons. Whose campaign reached the audience they were aiming to? Who had the largest unique audience for their campaign? What were the defining personality traits of the audience? Whose audience was the most likely to respond to Twitter Ads? The answers to all of these questions can be found by looking at the people who responded to the campaigns. Read More

Segmentación psicológica: El valor de Twitter para descubrir la personalidad de tu audiencia

Segmentation By Psychology: Using Twitter To Unearth Audience’s Personality Insights

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Personality Insights IBM Watson Social Twitter Cognitive Computing

In the future, every decision that mankind makes is going to be informed by a cognitive system like Watson

Ginni Rometty, Chairman & CEO, IBM

An increasing ability to predict human behaviour will be a growing expectation of digital marketers in the near future, as the possibilities for bridging the gap between digital touch points and the store become more commonplace. Read More

Twitter y la visión 360º del cliente

Twitter And The 360 Degree View Of Your Customer

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Twitter Data
Almost every marketer dreams of having a 360 degree view of their customer. It’s part of providing an unparalleled customer experience and building a customer-centric culture. This, of course, requires marketers to bridge the gap between offline and online data of their customers. Social data highly complements and can validate customer data that marketers primarily collect. However, even with increased adoption of social as a CRM, Gartner estimates that less than 1% of all organizations are doing anything to reconcile social and legacy customer data*. Read More

Cómo usar los datos de Twitter para contar grandes historias [storytelling]

How To Use Twitter Insights For Great Storytelling

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Twitter Insights

“Marketing is no longer about the stuff you make but about the stories you tell.”
Seth Godin

In an era of social media and digital, storytelling is a powerful strategy in the hands of marketers. As human beings, we all respond to emotions such as ‘amusement’, ‘joy’, ‘delight’ and ‘sadness’. These are the triggers that make us think, feel and more importantly, act and share. According to Antonio Demasio, professor of Neuroscience, positive emotions towards a brand have a greater influence on consumer loyalty than trust and other judgements which are based on a brand’s attributes. Read More

[INFOGRAFÍA] Cómo aplicar insights de Twitter en el contenido de otros canales

Twitter Data: Insights That Can Shape Your Content Marketing Strategy

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Twitter Data

According to Curata, by 2016, 60 percent of companies will have an executive in their organisation who is directly responsible for an overall content marketing strategy. We’ve all seen how content marketing has exploded in the past couple of years, and especially so on social media. Similarly, data-driven marketing has had its own (important) role to play in marketing. So what can your Twitter data tell you about your content marketing strategy? And how can you make use of it? Read on to find out… Read More