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Destapando la audiencia del World Pride Madrid

Uncovering the Madrid World Pride Audience

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Destapando la audiencia del World Pride MadridA few weeks ago Nielsen published a report focusing on the consumer habits of the LGTBI community highlighting their significant spending power. They are 11% more likely to buy online and purchase branded products.They are also 40% more foodie, inclined to play sport and more interested in culture than the general heterosexual population. It is clear that the ‘pink market’ spends a huge amount of money which brands are definitely benefiting from! Read More

Social Data

Why Social Data Is The Way Forward To Win New Business Pitch And Retain Customers

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Social Data

Marketers all over are harnessing the power of data to derive meaningful insights, and rightly so. But how much of those insights are from social data? “Social media” might be just one factor in the world of marketing – both digital and offline – but it’s a powerhouse of information waiting to be decoded, analysed and used in a manner that will bring unparalleled results. Read More

Campaña Marketing de Contenidos con Datos de Twitter

Optimise Your Content Marketing Strategy With Twitter Insights

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Twitter Insights
In the past couple of years content marketing has become synonymous with marketing as a whole. And the rise of social media marketing has only helped it come to the fore. So it’s no surprise that Forbes reports that 90% of companies use social media for their content marketing tactics. But how many of those companies are planning their content strategies based on social data and insights? Read More