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Does your Twitter marketing strategy measure up to your competitors’? Here you will find Twitter marketing tips to improve your strategy and examples of exceptional Twitter marketing campaigns to inspire to you.

7 tácticas de DMs en Twitter que absolutamente cualquiera puede usar en sus estrategias de marketing en Twitter

7 Twitter Direct Message tactics absolutely anyone can use

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When customers talk with us about their Twitter Marketing strategies, direct message (DM) campaigns are one of the most appreciated and used features. Considering the results, it’s not surprising: customers have hit a high CTR rate of up to 71%, far outstripping their email efforts. A competent, creative DM strategy that is sensitive to your followers’ needs and desires will become a tremendously effective pillar of your marketing activities. Read More


Quick replies and welcome messages bring personalised communication opportunities for all

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It’s commonplace these days for individuals to instigate a conversation with a company viaTwitter. Often, it seems to be a customer service question: an initial, public approach from a customer that usually switches to Direct Message immediately after the ‘one tweet each’: “@company I’ve got a problem with…”, “Sorry to hear that, @customer, will you DM me the details…?”. Read More

La era del "always-on"

The Era Of Always On

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Always on
We live in a time where ‘switching off’ can almost be detrimental to our emotional state. Whether it’s at home or office, we’re always on our mobile devices to ensure that we’re never out of touch. And brands can expect the same from their consumers. They ‘consume’ all the time – whether it’s actual purchasing of a product or the content that’s out there. For the same reason, it’s important that brands capitalise on this so that their audience is consuming their content in some way or the other. Read More

Cambio de marca: optimiza tus canales sociales con estas 5 estrategias clave

5 Key Strategies For Optimising Social Media For Your Rebrand

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When the time comes for a company to rebrand or rename, social channels will be the first place that a significant amount of people will find out about it. A well-prepared social team will ensure that the highest number of relevant people hear about it, and have a good impression of you. Having gone through a total rebrand of our own recently, we’ve thought about things that have worked well for us, what’s been successful for other major rebrands, and identified some key aspects that would be applicable to every brand. Every business needs to refresh its image and adapt to changing markets, these are important strategies for building excitement and awareness both internally and externally by utilising social media. Read More

Retail Marketing Social Media Twitter Instagram Influencer Guide eBook Tips Help

[eBook] The Retail Marketer’s Guide To Choosing The Right Influencers

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[LANZAMIENTO] Conecta con audiencias hipersegmentadas dentro y fuera de Twitter

A study by Fashion & Beauty Monitor and Econsultancy discovered that 73% of respondents find it a challenge to find the right influencers to collaborate with. It also highlighted how 84% of them are still manually searching social media to find those influencers. A sturdier, data-backed approach will put you streets ahead of many competitors. Read More

Twitter Marketing

Bridging The Gap: How Social Media Can Feed Into Event Marketing

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Twitter Marketing
Whether you’re an events marketing agency or a brand that’s hot on integrated marketing combining offline elements of experiential, OOH, print, and digital with online elements for your campaign, there’s always the question of how do we bridge the gap between the physical and digital. How do we get the customer engaged from the couch to the store and vice versa. Read More

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Davids Or A Goliath: Who Should Lead Your Social Influencer Campaigns?

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A creative influencer campaign with a strong execution is beneficial for both the influencer and the brand. The Journal of Consumer Research highlights how we value the opinions and actions of those we know, which will be a vital difference maker for many consumers in competitive markets. The right influencers deliver untapped audiences, connote certain qualities about the brand, and ultimately increase desirability of the product. So who do you pick for your Twitter marketing campaigns? Read More

Insights de social media: qué han aprendido en 2015 estos 16 profesionales del sector

Industry Insights: “My Biggest Social Media Lesson From 2015 Is…”

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2015 Social Media Lessons Highlights Twitter Marketing Digital

Before looking at your social media strategy, changes, and resolutions for 2016, take a moment to look back on what social media lessons you’ve learnt in 2015 and how you’ve improved. The last year has seen the emergence of the Buy-Now button, implementation of Twitter polls, and the revamping of Direct Messages. There have also been advances in the technology of the tools available to social marketers, allowing strategic options that were previously unavailable. These developments, combined with digital marketers’ own creativity, mean that the industry has changed in 2015 and marketers need to be thinking ahead. We’ve spoken with digital marketing professionals from some of the world’s top agencies and brands, who have given us exclusive insights on what their biggest lessons from 2015 were. Read More