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Is Twitter an effective part of your marketing strategy? From building campaigns to collecting actionable insight, here you will find expert advice on using Twitter strategically.

La era del "always-on"

The Era Of Always On

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Always on
We live in a time where ‘switching off’ can almost be detrimental to our emotional state. Whether it’s at home or office, we’re always on our mobile devices to ensure that we’re never out of touch. And brands can expect the same from their consumers. They ‘consume’ all the time – whether it’s actual purchasing of a product or the content that’s out there. For the same reason, it’s important that brands capitalise on this so that their audience is consuming their content in some way or the other. Read More

Influencers Before During After Campaign Strategy Advice Tips Twitter Social Media

Before, During & After: The Key Strategies For Effective Influencer Campaigns

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INFLUENCERS EBOOKInfluencers now represent a core pillar of marketing campaigns. For example, influencers are seen as important for 94% of fashion brands when planning a product launch. But an influencer campaign with the right Twitter strategy and relevance research can be beneficial for digital marketers in any industry. Done right, your brand will be associated with aspirational figures, reach a larger portion of your target audience, and drive a larger share of the online conversation. Read More

Campaña Marketing de Contenidos con Datos de Twitter

Optimise Your Content Marketing Strategy With Twitter Insights

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Twitter Insights
In the past couple of years content marketing has become synonymous with marketing as a whole. And the rise of social media marketing has only helped it come to the fore. So it’s no surprise that Forbes reports that 90% of companies use social media for their content marketing tactics. But how many of those companies are planning their content strategies based on social data and insights? Read More

TOUCHDOWN!!! 4 ideas para utilizar la Super Bowl (y otros eventos deportivos) en tu estrategia de marketing

TOUCHDOWN: 4 Quick Ideas For Using The Super Bowl In Your Twitter Marketing Strategy

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Super bowl SocialBro Twitter Marketing Tips Activity Social Strategy

This year’s Super Bowl will be the 50th in the event’s history, with the action on the field being matched with major marketing campaigns alongside it. The clamour to have your brand associated with the annual event is highly contested, with over 114 million TV sets tuned in last year in the US alone. As a result, an ad slot is prohibitively expensive for most brands. A fact that was mocked in Newcastle’s award-winning collaborative Super Bowl campaign from last year, where they got 37 other brands to chip in to buy an advertising slot. Read More

Twitter Advertising

Eye On The Money: How To Be Smart With Your Ad Spend

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Twitter Advertising
According to Carat’s Ad Spend report, the advertising forecast for 2016 is looking increasingly bright, especially for digital. The global media network says that digital is the only channel that warrants a double-digit growth in advertising spend, with a prediction of +14.3% for the next year. Other reports from Forrester also suggest that the end of TV advertising isn’t far, and more and more brands will look to boost their digital channels, including social media, in 2016. Read More

Twitter y la visión 360º del cliente

Twitter And The 360 Degree View Of Your Customer

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Twitter Data
Almost every marketer dreams of having a 360 degree view of their customer. It’s part of providing an unparalleled customer experience and building a customer-centric culture. This, of course, requires marketers to bridge the gap between offline and online data of their customers. Social data highly complements and can validate customer data that marketers primarily collect. However, even with increased adoption of social as a CRM, Gartner estimates that less than 1% of all organizations are doing anything to reconcile social and legacy customer data*. Read More

Análisis de la competencia en Twitter: claves para tus campañas en 2016

Twitter Competitor Analysis To Make Your 2016 Campaigns Shine

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Twitter Competitor Analysis

The war of the Christmas ads has begun, which only means that a new year is almost upon us. Marketers have started forecasting trends for 2016 and brands are sure to have begun planning strategies for next year. With increased budget comes increased responsibility, and an analysis of the competitive landscape will let marketers have their finger on the pulse. Twitter competitor analysis can be an effective way of mining through your competitors’ data to collect strategic insight. Here are some refreshing ways of conducting a Twitter competitor analysis to make sure your 2016 campaigns are on the ball. Read More