[VIDEO] Minute Masterclass: How does social data power a campaign?

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Welcome to the latest Audiense ‘Minute Masterclass’: the fifth in a series of videos that’s in and out faster than a small child whose father is being interviewed live on the BBC.

At last year’s Social Media Week London, we noticed that data was the word on everyone’s lips. Everybody agrees it’s good, everybody agrees we need to use it, but how? We sat down with Harry Taylor from The Marketing Store, Ellie Hernaman from Truffle Social, and Audiense’s own Seb Lancaster to answer that question.

One way social data can be used in a campaign is to build audience profiles to understand how to connect with different groups. There’s no better example of how this can be done than by looking at the biggest story of 2016, who Donald Trump connected with to win the 2016 United States Presidential Election. Click here to see how Donald Trump did it, and how we discovered it.

In this debut season of Minute Masterclasses, we’ll be tackling some of the big questions of modern marketing in about a minute. Check back next week for more bitesize tips and insights into the issues facing marketers today, from our clients Truffle Social and The Marketing Store, and from members of the Audiense team.