“Why ‘Influencers’ On Social Media Offer You Precisely Zilch”

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I mean, influencers are a nice idea. But actually, they’re not needed. They’re no better than a couple of normal people endorsing your brand and will have no long-term impact. They’re overrated and make no difference to your business as people trust them no more than anyone else on the internet…

Imagine if someone said this to you, straight-faced. We’ve seen it happen and it’s stuck with us. Not only do we respectfully disagree, but we’d like to take this chance to refute the above notion and actually point out the benefits of getting ‘influencers’ on your side.

Increasing customer advocacy is now a top priority for 67% of CMOs, and with 74% of customers relying on social media to guide their purchasing decisions you can begin to see why it’s such a high priority. Here’s 8 reasons why getting widely trusted people from your field to sing your praises can only be a good thing for your business.

1. People Are More Likely To Buy From Influencers

There’s a reason they’re called influencers! They make a real difference to the purchase decisions of people who seek their opinion. Influencers are over 40% more likely to get others to look up information than a regular user and 90% more likely to get other people to choose a certain brand.

2. They Are Usually Thought Leaders

Most influencers attained their position for a reason, because they spent years excelling in their field, or have at least proved to have some sort of crucial insight into their area of interest. This successful experience tends to mean their opinions are valued higher than others. Meaning when a potential customer wants a solution to their problem, they may seek the recommendation of someone who knows what they’re talking about.

3. They Are Well Connected

A key strength of a good influencer isn’t necessarily the amount of followers or likes they have, but rather WHO they have influence over. They may have access to key decision makers and have a little black book crammed with high quality contacts. For example, can you name the heads of every major TV network? Probably not, but they may have a lot more sway over what goes on your screens than almost any Emmy winning star. With 92% of people trusting word-of-mouth, who the influencer is connected to (and talking to) is most important.

4. They Have Multiple Outlets

An active influencer won’t just be on Twitter, or any other social media channels. Many have diversified their outreach portfolio to include books, podcasts, email newsletters, YouTube channels, blogs, and columns. They’ve probably got a decent amount of appearances or talks at events under their belt too. All of these outlets are another opportunity for them to champion your product directly to your potential customers. What’s more, these channels may reach people who aren’t active on the same social channels as you.

5. They Are Trendsetters

Many influencers will be early adopters of new technology, or businesses that show great potential. They want to be on the crest of each wave, with them getting involved it sends out the message that your product or service could be the new Twitter, iPhone, or Amazon. For example, the following Tweet from a company asking for help crowdfunding their upcoming documentary about indie game developers was retweeted by prominent indie game developer Mike Bithell to his 20K+ followers. It hit their fundraising goal less than 24 hours later and has since gone on to smash its crowdfunding target by over $10,000.

6. They Can Elaborate On Product While Your Campaign Focuses On The Brand Message

Your promotional campaign uses limited time and resources to convey the brand and product in short, snappy slogans to define your brand’s core values. From a customer perspective, they may need a little more information to persuade them to hand over their hard-earned cash. Influencers can demonstrate how they use your product, review it, or use any of their other outlet channels to talk at length about the actual product/service features. This gives your marketing a whole other dimension that people may not get to see in traditional outbound campaigns.

7. Their Endorsement Is Another String To Your Sales Bow

Once you have an influencer’s seal of approval, it’s another reassuring factor your sales team can give to convince leads about the quality of your product. This gives confidence to the buyer that they’re getting something which has been tried and tested by specialists. You can also take any positive quotes the influencers make about you and put in your marketing materials.

8. It Can Be Cheaper To Market To Them

If you’re specifically looking to market to influencers, you don’t need to reach as many people to achieve your goals. This means you may not need to spend as much as you would if you were trying to reach a significantly larger audience. Using Twitter’s tailored audiences feature, you can create a list of the influencers you want your promoted campaign to reach.

Why else do you think influencers are great, or do you disagree? Let us know in the comments box below. Also, look out for our upcoming feature where we’ll be looking at how you can influence the influencers and get them on your side!