Twitter Dashboard

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The SocialBro dashboard is the heart and soul of the platform, providing users with a clear summary and holistic view of what’s going on in their Twitter community with statistics, graphs and features, including:

  • Community stats
  • Engagement stats
  • New followers and recent unfollows
  • Influencers and who is being influenced
  • Language chart
  • Location map
  • Gender breakdown
  • Kred score
  • Tag Clouds

And much more.

Every widget on the SocialBro dashboard is interactive, allowing users to zoom in on interesting areas, see information about their Twitter community in more depth, and take action based on the information. For example, if there were a number of new followers in the last day/week/month, it’s easy to find out exactly who those followers are, look at their profile, follow back or send a direct message welcoming them to the community.

The dashboard forms the basis of SocialBro’s analysis, providing a broad overview of any changes to a Twitter community and providing a range of helpful information to better engage with them.

The community and engagement stats graphs show both the quantity and quality of a Twitter community. The community graph maps the follower evolution and predicts trends, whereas the engagement graph takes a closer look at recent mentions, retweets, and favorites for insight into the level of engagement within a community. 

The dashboard also provides details regarding new followers, recent unfollows, inactive followers, low ratio followers, and so on to help a business better understand their Twitter community and track their progress effectively.

Read more about using the SocialBro dashboard in our user guide.
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