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Gather rich, on-demand insights on the people that matter to your business. Our advanced cognitive data science platform will transform assumptions into accurate insight. With pinpoint accuracy, you can to drive ground-breaking strategies that increase market advantage right across your business.

Unlock new opportunities

Discover new ways to transform your business by increasing intentional mindshare with enriched social data.

Increase brand equity

The people who embody your target audience are unique. Gather the insight you need to delight them.

Mobilise your strategies

Leverage accurate insights into individual and market behaviour to transform the trajectory of your business.

Optimise market research

Assume nothing. Use our rich, real-time insights into the audiences you want to research and make precise strategic decisions.

One platform to achieve many goals

Visual Guide: How To Use Twitter Insights For Your Content Marketing Strategy

Case Study: How DHL Africa found over 65,000 Twitter influencers in 45 countries

eBook: The Retail Marketer’s Guide To Choosing The Right Influencers

We’re trusted by more than 10,000 brands and agencies – worldwide

“Whenever we need to do a real in-depth Twitter analysis of a client, or their competitor, or a specific group of users, Audiense is our go-to platform. It delivers the granular data level that our clients look for.”

Johary Rafidison, Global Insights Director, Grayling

"Audiense gives us a clear idea of who our content is connecting with, and identifies the influencers who are engaging with it.”

Henry Taylor, Social Media Producer, World Economic Forum

"The Audiense platform excels at allowing users to establish, analyze, and garner insights about specific audiences. And unlike some tools, it allows users to seamlessly transition these insights into action – a pairing that has proven immensely valuable to clients."

Benjamin Towne, Strategy & Analysis at DigitasLBi

“Audiense has been an invaluable tool for some of our largest and most successful campaigns. It has provided us incredible insight into how our audiences behave and given us a whole new level of understanding. It is easy to use, packed with fantastic tools and delivers beautiful, actionable information that helped us improve our campaigns on the fly.”

Jared Shurin, Planning Director

Reach the full spectrum of your audience

Interpret the composition of any audience with enriched social data. Engage and inspire individual segments effortlessly.
The Audiense platform is a unique and powerful suite of solutions. It enables brands to identify, appreciate and captivate potential buyers and customers. Using remarkable messages, harness powerful insights on more than a billion people.

Engage your community

Instantly identify, engage and grow your audience. Understand how your marketing messages are performing and discover ways to increase engagement.

Reach new segments

Explore and reach new audience segments to accelerate business growth. Build meaningful one-to-one relationships with the right people at immense scale.

Gather rich insights

Gain unprecedented real-time precision and market intelligence. Then devise business strategies that deliver extraordinary results.

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