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What do you need to do?

Find new customers

Use what Audiense can tell you about your current customers to discover new addressable audiences and boost revenue growth.

Eliminate market research costs

Don’t pay too much for a 1% sample of the available insights into an audience. Access all the insights on 100% of any audience for precise decision-making intelligence.

Power sophisticated strategies

Leverage the world’s largest human consumer panel to enable sophisticated strategies such as affinity marketing, values-based marketing and personalisation.

Increase customer loyalty and lifetime value

Deliver more specific, more relevant, more targeted messages at scale, for deeper, more personal, longer-term relationships.

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One platform to achieve many goals

Visual Guide: How To Use Twitter Insights For Your Content Marketing Strategy

Case Study: How DHL Africa found over 65,000 Twitter influencers in 45 countries

eBook: The Retail Marketer’s Guide To Choosing The Right Influencers

We’re trusted by more than 10,000 brands and agencies – worldwide

“Whenever we need to do a real in-depth Twitter analysis of a client, or their competitor, or a specific group of users, Audiense is our go-to platform. It delivers the granular data level that our clients look for.”

Johary Rafidison, Global Insights Director, Grayling

"Audiense gives us a clear idea of who our content is connecting with, and identifies the influencers who are engaging with it.”

Henry Taylor, Social Media Producer, World Economic Forum

"The Audiense platform excels at allowing users to establish, analyze, and garner insights about specific audiences. And unlike some tools, it allows users to seamlessly transition these insights into action – a pairing that has proven immensely valuable to clients."

Benjamin Towne, Strategy & Analysis at DigitasLBi

“Audiense has been an invaluable tool for some of our largest and most successful campaigns. It has provided us incredible insight into how our audiences behave and given us a whole new level of understanding. It is easy to use, packed with fantastic tools and delivers beautiful, actionable information that helped us improve our campaigns on the fly.”

Jared Shurin, Planning Director

Start growing your business

Build new audiences

Build new audiences from multiple criteria, including social profiles, relationships, behaviour and conversations through our official partnership with Twitter, the world's largest open source of data.

Understand your audiences

Create highly granular and sophisticated personas based on multiple attributes – including personality, determined through our partnership with IBM Watson, the world's most sophisticated A.I. platform and more.

Deliver the right experience

You’ve built your audiences, and segmented them as tightly or loosely as you need. Now make it count: deliver highly targeted, highly relevant, behaviour-based conversations, plus organic and paid-for campaigns with full reporting.

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