Social Marketing

Deliver Personalised Messages & Streamline Campaigns With Workflows


If they’re not online, nobody can see you Tweet

Twitter is all about real time and being in the moment. The more engaged and active your target audience becomes, the more attention you need to pay to ensuring they’re going to see your well-crafted content. Analyse any group of users and identify the optimum schedule for your organic content with Best Time To Tweet reports. Expose what they talk about when they’re online, what hashtags they’ve been using and what links they’re sharing. Drop these schedules directly into Hootsuite or Buffer and let technology handle the hard work.

Make it personal, at scale

Get right to your target users with automated Direct Message campaigns. Armed with a full range of analytics about your audience, personalise your messaging on a 1-2-1 basis and let Audiense reach them. Integrate with popular tracking services, such as bitly, Google Analytics or RadiumOne, and keep track of exactly who’s engaging with your hyper-targeted invitations, links and offers.


Got your ideal audience? Great, now what?

You want to know exactly who’s about to receive your latest promoted campaign. It’s the only way to ensure that you’re going to serve the right content to the right people at the right time. Make it simple with our Twitter Ads-friendly audiences, formatted exactly how Twitter likes them. No shifting about in Excel, no complex deduping, just upload your new Tailored Audience straight into Twitter’s Audience Manager and you’re ready to go. Someone’s followers, a collection of Twitter lists, the active tweeters from last night’s Twitter chat – they can all be combined in a simple group that let’s you see each and every audience member.

There’s a rule for that

While you concentrate on the important stuff – insight, optimisation, content – let us take care of the basics, automatically. Want every new follower to receive a high five? No problem. How about adding those key influencers to a private list? Sorted. A nifty new customer offer delivered via DM? Got it covered. We’re always looking for ways to automate the heavy lifting and want to ease your workload as much as possible. If you’re getting serious about your marketing efforts, and have risen above the vanity metrics of yesteryear, the simple stuff can get overlooked. Rules-based automatic actions cover what you need them to, so you don’t have to.