Twitter Advertising

Build Unique Audiences, Execute Ad Campaigns & Track ROI

Audience Manager

Now you know who to target, go find them

Use our Audience Manager to build your ideal target group – collective mutual followers of multiple Twitter accounts but only those in your country, speaking your language and proven to be recently active. Perhaps you just want to target individuals as opposed to organisations, or reach out to verified accounts. Choose your criteria based on your analysis and understanding.

You know what happened, now find out who it happened to

Take your paid campaigns to the next level. Post-campaign analytics can identify how your target audience reacted. Did your results come directly from your targets, or did they cause a ripple effect that drew in new, previously unidentified interest? Without a full understanding of who actually engaged, you’re left with plain numerical analysis – potentially useless to influence the next campaign.


Match your audience to your objective

Using groundbreaking social psycholinguistics (thanks to our IBM Watson Ecosystem partnership), we give you access to read the minds of your Twitter audience. Looking for amplification? Want to know who’s more likely to download your new whitepaper? Or how about which users are actually receptive to sponsored content? Both pre and post-campaign, Personality Insights uses Big 5, Needs and Value assessments based on what your audience Tweets about, increasing your targeting focus and leading to stronger results analysis.

It’s a big world out there

Twitter campaign data can be used for much more than your Twitter marketing strategy.  Anything and everything you can achieve in Audiense, from audience makeup and user data to performance statistics and reporting information, can all be exported in raw form. Better still, our suite of APIs provides the potential to integrate data directly into CRM systems, BI platforms or visualisation solutions. Twitter is only part of the picture but an extremely valuable one if treated right. A micro-blogging platform it may be, but an essential source of enriched and fast growing data it has definitely become.

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