Audiense Insights

View the market through the smartest lens.

Audiense Insights allows businesses to create a 360-degree view of their target customer to ensure they stay ahead of their clients’ needs. Our advanced audience intelligence platform enriches social data from over 10% of the world’s population to deliver deep, cognitive insights on real individuals that matter to your business.


Be focused

Always define the right audience to inform your business strategies.


Be intelligent

Understand the people who embody your target audience in real-time.


Be relevant

Quickly segment, measure and interpret key insights at scale.


Be competitive

Outpace your competitors with on-demand market knowledge.

Marketing Intelligence Reports

You talk and we listen. We help you optimise your investment by delivering actionable insight that matches your needs.
$3,575 per report

Reports adapted to your needs

Audience Intelligence Report

Get the complete picture of the people who make up any audience and understand their emotional triggers.
$6,500 per report

Key intelligence on any strategy

Whether you want to understand your audience or identify opportunities to optimise your marketing strategy, our Audience Intelligence Report gives you the context you need and provides the tools to inform strategies that deliver breakthrough results.

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Audiense Insights Platform

Empower your organisation with deep, real-time insights that enable you to delight your audience.from
$15,600 per year

12 Insights reports

Advanced Audience Manager

Additional reports purchased separately


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Understanding the audience:


We enable…

Audience identification

Search our database of over 10% of the world’s population to quickly gather insight on any audience for more in-depth research.

Strategic evolution

Embrace the dynamic nature of your audience to evolve your strategies over time, so you continue to delight the individuals that matter.

Insight to action

Leverage the power of our unique activation panel to activate audiences and segments across multiple online and offline channels.

Accelerated growth

Insights-driven organisations grow faster. Harness the power of rich, real-time audience intelligence across your business.

We’re trusted by thousands of brands and agencies worldwide

“Audiense gives us a clear idea of who our content is connecting with, and identifies the influencers who are engaging.”

“The Audiense platform excels at allowing users to establish, analyze, and garner insights about specific audiences.”

“Audiense is our go-to platform. It delivers granular data at the level that our clients look for.”