Social Media Monitoring & Audience Insight

Audience Intelligence That Drives Your Social Strategy


Assumption is a dangerous thing

Remove all doubt by completely understanding everything about any audience – yours, your competitors, that group in Chester who spend all their time talking about what they’re going to have for lunch. Find out when users are active, who the influential ones are, who else they follow, what content they like to Retweet. And not just how many of them, but actually who make up these groups. Individual analysis is key to gaining pinpoint relevancy.

Are your customers following you?

You’ve got your customer’s details in your CRM system and you’ve built a healthy following on Twitter. Any idea if those two groups contain the same people? Start matching data sets and use email addresses to discover your customer’s Twitter IDs. How would you engage with those users knowing they’ve already spent money with you?


So much data…

If you’ve ever looked behind the face of a Tweet, you’ll know there are hundreds of individual data points about every single piece of content and every single user on Twitter. That’s before you consider the data related to each relationship and how often these shift. Not to mention how many more options there are to enrich this (already enormous) dataset with real world data such as emails, credit history, purchase patterns. Knowledge is power and relevancy is king.

Twitter isn’t just for Twitter Marketing

As the most open and accessible platform in the social media space, Twitter is truly the place to listen to everything everyone has to say about, well, anything. It’s where innumerable conversations begin about every subject as it happens and this means it’s not just influential to how you communicate on Twitter, but across every other channel too.